Wavegarden Cove's Technology

The technology behind the Wavegarden Cove was developed at a secret location in the Basque mountains in Northern Spain. The technology is a modular electromechanical system that moves in a harmonious sequence to displace water and produce up to 900 quality waves per hour. This method injects energy into the waves as they move along to ensure they maintain a constant height for a significant part of their length. A feature unique to the Wavegarden cove is that wave shape, size, power, and frequency can be adjusted at the push of a button, simply by changing the mode function on the control unit software.

With the potential to host almost 100 surfers simultaneously, the Wavegarden Cove has a variety of different surfing zones that offer waves for everyone, from newcomers to professionals. 

Developed in-house by Wavegarden's team of experts, our state-of-the-art water treatment system keeps the water crystal clear and hygienically clean. 

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